Tuesday, March 15, 1994


Look behind you -
Ugly currents flow.
Cut the line -
no false hope tow.
Cookie monsters green cousin
is to the rear.
Keep eyes focused ahead
you have nothing to fear.
Commit no crime -
grave robbing is sin.
Let them die -
no longer cry.
Mourning no more.
Thick door slamming shut in my
heart. Sad -
only to another opportunities

Tuesday, March 8, 1994


Shadows loom and hide.
Not me, I'd rather be free.
Contemplate it openly.
Sunshine shares to all.
I constrict and focus strength.
Ponder, non-hesitantly.
God can see, but we are blind.
He sees time, we must feel it
and search it slowly.
Appearing all at once to Him.
Open your eyes girl!
Escape the shadows -
which hold you in there.

Sunday, March 6, 1994


Seagulls with messages -
sent across the sea, to tell.
Scrolling timeless images -
Listening inside the seashell.
Leaves upon my porch -
I wish not to gather
nor collect.
In fear that one day
may forget.
One blade of grass left green
in a field of grey.
In spring it despises the change
of joy and feels indifferent.