Tuesday, March 15, 1994


Look behind you -
Ugly currents flow.
Cut the line -
no false hope tow.
Cookie monsters green cousin
is to the rear.
Keep eyes focused ahead
you have nothing to fear.
Commit no crime -
grave robbing is sin.
Let them die -
no longer cry.
Mourning no more.
Thick door slamming shut in my
heart. Sad -
only to another opportunities

Tuesday, March 8, 1994


Shadows loom and hide.
Not me, I'd rather be free.
Contemplate it openly.
Sunshine shares to all.
I constrict and focus strength.
Ponder, non-hesitantly.
God can see, but we are blind.
He sees time, we must feel it
and search it slowly.
Appearing all at once to Him.
Open your eyes girl!
Escape the shadows -
which hold you in there.

Sunday, March 6, 1994


Seagulls with messages -
sent across the sea, to tell.
Scrolling timeless images -
Listening inside the seashell.
Leaves upon my porch -
I wish not to gather
nor collect.
In fear that one day
may forget.
One blade of grass left green
in a field of grey.
In spring it despises the change
of joy and feels indifferent.

Saturday, February 12, 1994


Scorning Millions - laughing
at untold secrets.
Flaps are open, preparing
to fire bullets.

One truth never to be
Hearts hidden, deeply

Chosen brothers, sent from God
to help in times of disdain

Scrap sisters baking mud
pies meant to be thrown.

Overcoming the blue with hue
of salt
Dried up tears, unwashed -
no halt.

Mended holes,
plastic trolls

World not ready -
for thin and weighty.

Thursday, January 27, 1994


How I hate courtesy -
sister of politeness.
One day the fallacy
show - Pretty grey forest.

Many hearts led astray -
By this rude injustice.
Sleepless nights - will portray -
Enemy's accomplice

Feigned love is worse than poison
The body in pain
One moment released - waken
To meet "Cordial" thus named.

As if feelings were fragile -
Like an opened red tulip
Run from anger - too docile

For the action of friendship


The eyes' prime use forgot.
"Look to God, and live!"

If so, our eyes would be burned - hot.
Directing our souls, attention -

Lives on a thread
reaching out with piercing affection.

Crossing hearts, and hoping to die
Needles sticking in majority eyes
Sincerity in sight is a lost trait

Avoiding eyes are murderers
Searching eyes are
welcome in my home anytime, mate!

Wednesday, January 26, 1994

Rage Cost

Economics Principle
The Opportunity cost of my
Rage -

The tears I could be shedding and
the self pity I could be feeling.

Plus the loss of mental and physical energy.
Rage is the wiser choice of
distributing my resources.

Not only does it supply its own energy,
But saves energy that the alternative consumes.


Everyday we die
and wake with new lives
Forgetting the passions
we once had extreme
Staying up to avoid
the veil.

Blood stains around my door -
Passover, for my intensity.
from another's injustice
energy drawn from within
succumbing to sweet senselessness

Preparing for death
of all feeling.
Love cannot be had in
fullness, by just one.

Proving destruction to
the solvent -
Never to be used again
on another.

Sunday, January 23, 1994

Land Ho!

Land Ho!
Dreary days at sea - hoping
Mirages floating.
At last beholding -
A shape of hope
Through all the clouds
At once, arriving
blessed moment.
Never again recurring
From the times of sorrow
to this time of silent joy.
Time stops for such experiences.

Friday, January 21, 1994


not so bad
if the port is
for mere energy

through anger and passages
of insanity

Calm and Carefree

If you don't quite know yet -
humans fail.

It takes a mind out of flesh
to control
this play dough
painful, mass.

Thursday, January 20, 1994


"Only a pinch a day", he said.

Now fishing alone
swallowing fishhooks to catch
the undesirable trait
of complete dependence on

When parting -
infinitely observing
a non shifting countenance.

This fish
prompts dismal feelings
from accurate assumptions
Needing stronger line
to catch this
ever growing

Reality should not be
preoccupied with thoughts of
what could be.

Replacing wire hooks with
titanium anchors.

Tuesday, January 18, 1994


Sunshine is
a gift forgotten.
that stop running.

Cool wind
on a warm day
A captivating face
not shining.

If there ever was a time
the sun stopped shining,
If ever there was a time the
wind stopped blowing,
I would feel as empty as I
do when I see confused eyes,
and weary smiles.

My fingers cannot hold the sun,
nor are my lungs strong enough
to move the sky,
but if thou will
I would give thee happy
flashbacks, joyful thoughts, and memories
of sunshine that
can never be forgotten.

Saturday, January 15, 1994


Truly man is a hull
easily swayed.
A perfect emblem
from another's
Invented images of
coupling future
blast and degraded
in rigid stanzas
meant to be
If man was only more
genuine as familiarity
then must remedy be
not coquet,
but relentless singularity.

Wednesday, January 12, 1994


So many signs ignored -
with many questions implored.

Today is Wednesday,
tomorrow is Thursday.
And the next day is Friday,
and so on and so forth.

Until the last child cries,
and the last old man dies.

Butterflies go free
crippled hunters in the street -
Their nets on the ground
Wind, the only sound.