Friday, November 30, 1990


The Young Man in my
Grandfather's Clock falls from the plank
coming from the hatch, wounded.

He heard the two chimes and screamed,
"Two O' Clock and all is well!"
An angry neighbor awakened
from his excited living voice.

Aims his shotgun out his window.
And with his nightcamp on,
shoots, killing
the man in my Grandfather's clock.


To all the souls who lived,
and did not have.
I share in your pain and know that one day,
someone will hold you,
and comfort will come.


The Lake of glass does cutmy heart.
Live is valuable because it is,

Strange it is,
that the water shifts so rapidly on a body
that doesn't move.

No matter how cold the water is,
it is always warmer than one degree less.

So Rejoice!
And live in the warmer water.

Saturday, November 10, 1990


Please don't be just another dream.
I'd rather not wake from.

If you need to blow off some steam,
Be alone -
When ready, run to me - come.

"I'm a free man"
But if thou choosest to kill
It matters not, I died free
and you can never take that away.

I'll live again one day
Be put in bondage and set free again.
However, eternal freedom awaits
in the power of another
which you hold as well.

You choose - be wise.

Tuesday, February 20, 1990


Wolves howling, Children crying -
Hearts roaring, fingers fumbling.

Soles worn down, tin can crown -
Disappointed frown, dusty, ghost town.

Vandals left unscolded -
Wet flag unfolded.

Broken glass spread around -
Jogging shoes, rapture sound.

Preferring fruit loops over Golden Grahams -
Rather be running than think of Lambs.

Holiday of fun - for all
Including me and this wall.

Friday, January 19, 1990


Busted stained glass -
Blu tak alas!
No one will know -
Hope it won't show.
Spitting blood off the tramp
jump too high, get a cramp.
Tiger shoes at school
Mocked, feel like a fool.
Activities galore attend
realize one true friend
No one can I trust, but two
Lord and I, not you.
Sought crusade fulfill
resentment looking uphill.
Working, wanting to rest.
Joy in completing test.